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The Beat any Price Guarantee…..Ya Right!

The other day I was shopping my competitors and saw this lovely guarantee. I wanted to see how effective it was and requested 10 estimates from people who had this guarantee. To my surprise, the first few kept beating each other up and I was able to get a 20% discount. Oh, and the bigger guys started adding all kinds of things to the estimate to “void” the beat any price guarantee.

The problem was, the equipment, warranty and installation processes they proposed were total crap. They tried to convince me that certain things were not required to get the sale.


The point I am trying to emphasize here is…that a low price “guarantee” is dangerous and does not equate to the best most reliable installation.  The cost reductions must come from somewhere!  Equipment is substituted for lower quality, the warranty is less and the reliability certainly is not that great….but the systems in and running right? Wrong.

Consumers feel they’re playing it safe by getting multiple quotes which contain “Prices.”  No one except PriceMyAC.com
+ provides a full detailed disclosure of more than 50+ items that go into the build up of your system installation cost.  We show you labor, equipment, materials, over heads, profits, extended warranty costs, taxes etc…  Each item that is required for the installation is backed by a detailed statement of work that highlights local codes, national building codes as well as manufacture requirements and best practices.  This document also forms the basis for our contractual commitment to you.  At PriceMyAC.com we provide full disclosure, and; we back it up with a detailed statement of work.  We’re the only company to offer a free 3rd party inspection from a home inspection service we use to ensure our contractual commitment is completed and the system is installed properly.

As owner, my Guarantee to you is not 5% better.   It’s this… “PriceMyAC.com will disclose all costs within our proposal to you for your installation or the system installation is FREE.”

I’m not willing to use a sales gimmick to entice you to buy from me.  I am willing to show you everything required to do the job properly and make a fair wage doing it.   Oh, and if that’s not enough, we donate 25% of our profit to our foundation that helps  women in active treatment for breast cancer!


John T Lamont

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