How to Buy a New AC unit

When told you need a new AC system, your heart will most likely sink.  No one wants to here that but if you are told that here are five quick tips to ensure a better AC replacement buying experience.

1.  Make sure the recommendation comes with substantiation on why the replacement is needed.  If given a laundry list of parts that are bad from a spring maintenance check be cautious.  Mrs. Jones, you need $1150 in repairs and that’s a great down payment toward a new system.  NOTE:  Most technicians doing spring checks get paid on commission for upselling parts and repairs to you. doesn’t pay commissions!

2.  If given a proposal for a new system, make sure they disclose all costs. provides you a detailed statement of work, a list of all parts needed, the equipment costs, labor hours, rate, overheads, profit and sales taxes etc….everything.   Don’t accept a price, insist on seeing detailed cost disclosure, otherwise they may be hiding behind the contract

3.  Warranties on the new system.  Make sure you know if your getting a 3rd party warranty, a company warranty or a manufacture warranty.  It makes a difference.  Company warranties are the worst ones and leave you vulnerable. uses 3rd party and manufacture warranties.

4.  Rebates:  They look enticing but a rebate is a mark up followed by a giveback of your own money. does not believe in this practice.

5.  Installation Guarantee:  Anyone can guarantee anything, however, what’s that guarantee worth when you need it most? is a Bryant Factory Authorized Dealer (FAD).  Bryant supports our pledge to make you happy by backing us in offering a 100% satisfaction guarantee.  If its not backed by the manufacture of the equipment, then your not getting the full story.

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