Save Money Using Low Cost Filters

I don’t use expensive filters. I use a simple pleated filter and change it every 30 days. When I get the electric bill that’s my signal to change the filter. I keep a box in the garage. I also keep a can of cheap furniture polish in the box as well. Before I replace the filter, I spray it with furniture polish. This helps attract and hold finer dust particles making a cheap filter better.


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I can do your Tune-up in 25, 30, 35 steps….

Today while browsing, I saw an interesting ad for system performance checks.  Everyone always feels more is better, 44 ounce soda for a $1.oo is better than 12 ounce soda for $1.00.  I see the same behaviors in air conditioning check ups and air conditioning tune ups.   The real issue here is what’s checked before and after and what should a maintenance plan actually include?  I can check 85 items, even 90 if I track every single step I take in inspecting and cleaning.

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Want to Find Great A C Repair in Phoenix?

It is really cool when others find you and say real nice things about you.  The Social Blog, SocialNPhoenix has done just that; they have endorsed .

In their own words, 

Servicing Phoenix and Tempe, Price My AC is the ONLY AC repair Company that donates a portion of every job to Breast Cancer Warriors.  Of the hundreds and thousands of Phoenix area Contractors, Social N has chosen John Lamont and PriceMyAC as the Air Conditioning Contractor/Repairman of Choice that we can support.

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It sure feels good to be recognized for a business model that you live and love.  The best thing about it for you is the fact you will save money and find an A/C and heating contractor that truly cares about you. 

Give us a call at (480) 451-7022 and find out for yourself what the excitement is all about.  

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