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Worry Free Summer Guarantee- NOT!!

Well, with the weather warming, AC maintenance calls are lighting up the phone lines trying to convince homeowners that they need to use them for a low fee.  I get these calls too and find it frustrating from my perspective as an AC company owner.  There are basically 7 part in your cooling systems.

I will absolutely GUARANTEE that if you fall for this worry free summer or its fixed free check up, you will get a laundry list of expensive things that need to be cleaned or replaced  and the ultimate… the unit should be replaced.  So the guarantee they are giving you is 100% worthless.  It’s a ploy to make you think your in great hands and you have nothing to worry about.  This is exactly where the power shifts from you the homeowner to the contractor.

I can’t predict how long an AC unit will last.  However, I can tell you a unit properly maintained and cleaned annually will last longer than one that’s not.   When getting service, look at the age of the technician.  If a young person shows up expect a list of things to be replaced or cleaned.  If a seasoned veteran shows up get ready for the units shot speech and needs replacement….  wont make it through the summer etc…. fear induced sales.

Ultimately, you the consumer has to make a decision on what to do.  I am here merely acting as an advocate to help you make better AC buying or AC replacement decision.  That’s why we do free second opinions on AC systems and repairs.  Oh, and we DO NOT pay sales commissions to employees.

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