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Do You Need a New AC System?

The first thing you should know is that the original system in your home was most likely put in by the lowest bidder to the home builder.

The duct work may need to be changed in order to deliver the optimal performance of today's state of the art heating and cooling systems. The most notable issues we find are inadequate supply and return plenums, which affect air flow distribution; lack of duct sealant; and improper duct design and fault registers.

Ask your sales person for a picture of the magnahelic meter showing the total static pressure reading of the existing system before you accept proposed duct work changes. This diagnostic is like knowing your cholesterol... pretty much a solid indicator of a faulty design.

Did You Know?

If the technician can't, or won't provide you with a magnahelic meter reading, this is a big red flag and you should pass on any repairs recommended, then find a better company. Like PriceMy®AC!

Most likely when you are told you need a new system, it's not good timing for you. However, it's great timing for AC companies to use high pressure sales tactics, beware!

Never fall for the tactic where technician or salesperson tell you something like:

"We can have it in tomorrow for the low price of $XXXX.xx, but you have to act now!"

This is known as the false scarcity tactic; they promise a lower price, but you have to take it right now! This is just a sales gimmick, keep your cool (no pun intended) and don't fall for it! You should take a day or two to get other bids, and compare what your getting to make sure you get the best value.

A hotel can run about $130 a night in the summer here in the valley. That's much cheaper than paying too much on a system because you're in a rush to make your home comfortable again. Don't be afraid to get a room, and take your time to get the best deal on your new unit.

Don't Rush Into a Big Purchase!

Take a few nights and compare. If PriceMy®AC can't provide a better unit and installation by waiting, we will pay for your nights stay at a hotel! We created PriceMy®AC so customers can immediately go to our website, compare and know if they are overpaying.

You Get Full Disclosure on All Costs With New System Estimates

Including How Much Profit We Charge!