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The PriceMy®Concept

The PriceMy®Concept is an umbrella of standardized, principled business practices that aims to set the bar high for the Home Services industry.

PriceMy® is a new way of doing business for all your home services. A quote should not just be a price, it should be an open and transparent process for the home owner.

PriceMy® discloses everything so you can make the right decision without regret.

YOUR PRICE = Materials + Equipment + Labor + Overhead + Taxes + Profit + Warranty Costs

We donate 25% of our profit to the PriceMy Foundation, a 501C3 non-profit aimed at helping people in need in our community.

It's not just about giving back. It's about making giving back part of the recipe for success, making it part of our culture, making it part of us as individuals and as a company.

I want PriceMy® to transcend an "us and them" relationship. I want PriceMy® to be a builder of partnerships, a builder of relationships, and a builder of caring for the customers who we call friends. I don't just want you to just trust me; I want you to trust me because of the PriceMy® process of full disclosure, a willingness to show you everything. As the owner of this business, I want to treat people with dignity, fairness, and integrity. This is the same way I expect to be treated when purchasing a product or service; and that requires the PriceMy® philosophy!

John Lamont / Owner of PriceMy®AC