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Do You Need Repairs On For Your Existing AC Unit?

If you have had another air conditioning contractor diagnose the problem with your existing AC system, PriceMy®AC will help you compare repair costs, equipment prices, or replacement system pricing, and look at comparable component replacement costs so you can make an informed decision.

On compressor failure, we do a free second opinion appointment to confirm that your compressor is actually dead so you don't pay for an unnecessary system replacement.

Did You Know?

Some compressor failures are actually just an outdoor fan failure, or capacitor failure. So to get a big sale, many AC companies ignore the small stuff and tell you the system needs to be replaced. Please get in touch with us for a second opinion BEFORE you replace your system.

Primary failure of most systems is an electrical failure of the capacitor that leads to the failure of a motor or compressor (which is also a motor). 97% of all failures are electrical in nature.

The second most common failure is a leak of the indoor coil, caused by formicary corrosion. Minor leaks can be repaired with a leak-stop product. That will prolong the life of your system, but ultimately the system would need to be replaced.

The refrigerant (R-22) has recently been phased out, and all manufacturing was ceased in 2015. It's been replaced by R-410A. The current cost of R-22 has become very expensive, and therefore the cost to add R-22 refrigerant to your existing system is quite costly.

Did You Know?

The cooling capacity of R-410A is less effective at the extreme temperatures in the valley, meaning that the home-owner may need a higher capacity system to meet the cooling load of the house.

If you don't have a detailed heat load analysis and you don't have someone who understands the limitations of the new equipment's cooling capacity at higher temperatures, you may find yourself warm in the middle of the summer.

All PriceMy®AC replacement parts come with a lifetime warranty provided the system is maintained annually by us.

Need Repairs?

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