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Teacher Referral Program

From the PriceMy®AC.com perspective, teachers are nation builders. Without teachers, a society has no learning which stops all forward progress. Our commitment as a Community Partner in Caring is now extended to teachers.

We can help you grow tomorrow's leaders while you help us grow

Participate in our Teacher Referral program

Repair Referrals for service

 $50 gift card for each new repair referral with completed work by us.

System replacement referrals - Payment for each replacement referral for completed installation by us.

 $250 - First referral for system replacement.
 $300 and $350 respectively - next two referrals.
 $400 each - next seven referrals.
 10 referrals maximum within a calendar year.
 Program starts over in January of each year.

Maintenance Plan

 1st month of each paid Maintenance agreement ($11.95, $19.95 or $29.95) based on type of plan.
 12-month contract is required, if plan is renewed, new referral fee paid.

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