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Need an AC Installation? What You Need To Know

Are you in need of a new air conditioning system?

Do you really need a new system in the first place? Unfortunately, too many questionable AC companies may tell you that your AC needs to be replaced when in fact a repair may be able to do the job. Before you assume that you really do need a new unit, we can examine your unit and explain exactly what’s wrong with it and whether it really needs to be replaced or not.

Don’t be fooled by “black box” cost estimates that are less than complete

Unfortunately, too many AC companies want to replace or install as little as possible. Instead, they want to sell you a new unit and pocket the extra cash. They won’t do extra work if they don’t think they’ll be caught. For example, since you aren’t likely to be crawling around in your attic examining the ductwork yourself, you may not know that ductwork needs repairs, and unscrupulous AC companies won’t tell you. They don’t care that your system won’t run efficiently, your energy bills will be higher, or that they may void your manufacturer’s warranty. is the only air conditioning company that offers 100% transparent pricing on new AC installations. Most people don’t realize that an installation quote must address all three parts of the air conditioning system – the unit, the ductwork, and the registers – for proper installation, efficient cooling, and low energy bills. Without this due diligence, issues like inadequate supply and return plenums cost you thousands of dollars in higher energy bills, and your home or office likely will not be comfortable.

We’ll examine your entire system in detail and disclose everything that may be going wrong with your unit. We’ll also tell you all of the costs involved in a new unit (even our profits) so that you can feel confident that you’re getting the right option for your home or office. Ask our competitors to do this. They just won’t!  

Beware of scare tactics

Air conditioning is a necessity during the hot Arizona summer, which can give some AC companies the opportunity to use fear to motivate you to make an uneducated purchase. You are already driven to urgency by the need to cool your house down NOW, but salespeople may also try to instill urgency by using the false scarcity tactic. They’ll promise a price but say you need to act quickly before the price goes up. The language may sound something like:

“We can have it in tomorrow for the low price of $XXXX.xx, but you have to act now!”

Don’t fall for these tactics. We know that getting your AC replaced is a priority, but considering that it’s one of your home’s or office’s most expensive assets, you shouldn’t feel pressured to make a decision out of fear. With, you get completely transparent pricing for a number of different options. We’ll tell you every cost involved, even our profits, so that you can make a fully educated decision before purchasing a new AC system. We also include two years of free, twice-annual maintenance checks on all newly-installed systems, so you’ll have peace of mind that you’ll be cool and your system is working at peak performance.

When we install your system, you can feel confident that we will follow manufacturer instructions so that your manufacturer warranty will stay intact. If you’re a Platinum Maintenance Plan customer, we’re happy to provide you with a temporary window unit so you’ll be comfortable until your new system is installed. Any unused balance from your Platinum Maintenance Plan will go towards your new unit.

You’ll know that we addressed the entire system – the unit, ductwork, and registers – and that the new system that we’re installing will maximize cooling while minimizing monthly energy bills. We can also speak with you about features that make your home or office even more comfortable, such as creating zones so that each room will be exactly the temperature that you, your family, or your employees prefer.

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