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Things You Should Know About Your New HVAC Installation (Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning)

Do you need a new heating system?

Do you really need a new heater? You may be surprised to learn that many unscrupulous companies might tell you that your heat pump or furnace requires replacement when in fact it just needs to be repaired. Before you trust their advice that you really need a new heater, let us examine your unit and let you know what’s really wrong with it and tell you whether it needs to be replaced or not.

Be wary of “black box” incomplete cost estimates

Unfortunately, too many companies want to replace or repair as little as possible. Instead, they want to sell you a new unit and pocket the extra cash. But often they don’t do a comprehensive installation because they don’t think they’ll be caught. For instance, since you are unlikely to go up into the attic to look at ductwork for yourself, you may not be aware that the ductwork needs to be repaired, and an unscrupulous company won’t go out of their way to tell you. They don’t seem to care that your heating system won’t run as efficiently, that your energy bills will increase, or that your manufacturer warranty may be voided.

The only heating company that will give you 100% transparent pricing on all new heater installations is Most people don’t know that the installation quote for your heat pump should address the units, ductwork, and registers to install the heating system properly, provide efficient heating, and reduce energy bills. If all three areas are not taken care of properly, issues like poor supply and return plenums may cost thousands of dollars in increased energy bills end result in less comfortable homes and offices.

We’ll examine every detail of your entire heating system and let you know about anything that might be wrong with your unit. Will also let you know all of the costs that may go into a new unit (including our profits) so that you’ll know you’re getting the best option for your home or office. Ask our competitors to do this; they just won’t!

Be wary of heating companies that use scare tactics to make sales

You don’t want your heater to fail you on a cold Arizona night, and some heating companies may take advantage of this fear to encourage you to make an uneducated purchase. Not only are you driven to replace your heater as quickly as possible because of the chilly temperatures, but salespeople may also increase your sense of urgency using the false scarcity tactic. They’ll give you a price but tell you that you need to hurry up and make your purchase because the price will likely go up soon. The language they use often sounds like :

“We can have it in tomorrow for the low price of $XXXX.xx, but you have to act now!”

Be very careful about these tactics. We know that you don’t want to shiver in the cold and that getting a new heater is a high priority, but considering that your heat pump or furnace is one of the most expensive assets in your home or office, you need to be careful not to make any decisions out of fear. offers a number of options with completely transparent pricing so you can make an educated decision about your heater replacement. We’ll tell you every single cost that goes into the price we give you, including our profits. We also provide two years of twice-annual maintenance checks for free on all of our newly installed systems. This gives you security that your heater will work its best.

You can have total confidence that we’ll follow manufacturer instructions and keep your manufacturer warranty intact when we install your system. Platinum maintenance plan customers can even have a temporary heater to keep you warm until your new system is installed. Any unused balance from your Platinum Maintenance Plan can go towards a new heater.

When you choose, you can feel sure that we’ll address the whole heater system including the unit, ductwork, and registers, and that the system we install will provide the maximum heat at the greatest efficiency to keep your monthly energy bills as low as possible. We can also discuss features that may make your home or office even more comfortable like creating zones so that every room will be just the temperature that you, your family, or your employees prefer.

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