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Does HVAC Maintenance Really Matter in Arizona?

Regular HVAC Maintenance Reduces Energy Bills and is Required by Your Manufacturer’s Warranty

In the course of our busy lives, many homeowners and property owners don’t think to service heaters until is has an issue. However, it is very important to maintain your heat pump or furnace regularly. Regular maintenance for your heater may reduce service for expensive breakdowns by as much as 95% according to the Indoor Air Quality Association. Preventative maintenance can keep your heater running as efficiently as possible, which can save you money. According to the U.S. Department of Energy, you can save as much as 30% on your energy bill with proper heater maintenance.

For heaters that are under a manufacturer’s warranty, proof of regular maintenance is necessary to avoid having the warranty voided. If your heater warranty is voided, you could have to pay hundreds or thousands of dollars if you need repairs or replacements for your heat pump or furnace. As if this wasn’t enough, failure to consistently maintain your heater makes it more likely that you will have serious problems with it sooner. Heaters that don’t get the maintenance they need are most likely to have issues when they are under the most stress during frigid Arizona nights.

Regular maintenance is protection for your heater

Having your heater checked twice a year maintains the manufacturer warranty and increases the chances that your heater will keep heating your office or home efficiently for many years to come. Regular checks also make sure that nothing is going wrong that will cause an emergency in very cold temperatures.

Beware of technicians that just want to sell you something

It is an unfortunate but true fact that many companies may behave less than honestly and take the opportunity during a regular maintenance check to do all they can to sell you a new heat pump or furnace. They may tell you that your heater is barely functioning and that it will quit when it needs to work hard in very cold temperatures. They may also tell you that there is no point in fixing an older unit and that it is better to just purchase a new unit.

They might say that you should go ahead and buy a new heat pump or furnace now so you won’t have to deal with an emergency when it gets cold. This warning is often paired with a claim that you can get a great deal on a new unit if you buy one now, but that you need to act quickly.

Don’t take these companies at their word. Get a second opinion before you invest a lot of money into a new heater. can let you know whether your heater really has serious problems or not. Our reviews are full of instances in which we found that customers really only needed minor repairs or basic maintenance for their heater when another company told them they needed a new system. We want to make you our customer for life. We know that when you do need a new unit, we are the ones you’ll come to.

Maintenance plans can extend the life of your heater and reduce your costs

Choosing one of our maintenance plans can save you a lot of money and anxiety. You’ll be able to manage your budget without having to worry about expensive repair bills for your heater. We include twice-annual maintenance checks in the cost of our maintenance plans so you’ll save money every year. Whatever money isn’t used in your maintenance plan will go to the cost of a new heater when you finally do need one. The most popular maintenance plan we offer is the Platinum plan, which gives you same-day AC service, typically within the hour. This is a very valuable feature when it is freezing outside.

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