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All Machines Break Down Eventually

All machines need repair eventually, so the day will inevitably come when something needs to be repaired or replaced in your air conditioning system. The trick is to find and repair the issue as quickly as possible to prevent more expensive repairs or even unit replacement down the road. Plus, in Arizona where temperatures are frequently over 100 degrees, a broken AC unit isn’t just an inconvenience; it is a potentially dangerous problem. You need to have your AC repaired quickly and you need to trust the company that does these repairs to do all they can to fix your unit, rather than just trying to convince you to purchase a new one.

Watch out for unscrupulous AC companies and technicians that act more like salespeople

Unfortunately, too many AC Repair Companies in the highly competitive Arizona air conditioning market are more worried about getting you to buy a new unit than they are about repairing your old one. They may even tell you that your AC can’t be repaired when, in fact, a repair would be very reasonable.

For instance, these companies may tell you that your AC will stop working during the heat of summer, when the heat may make it unbearable or even dangerous for you to stay in your home without air conditioning. They may also claim that they don’t fix older units because they are not worth fixing. They’ll likely go on to tell you that you should purchase a new AC unit now to prevent yourself from having to deal with an emergency later on. This dire warning is often paired with a claim that you can receive a great deal on a new unit if you purchase one now.

Another example is when these companies may tell you that your unit is 12 years old, which is the typical life of a unit in Arizona, so you need a new one. They’ll then say that if you wait until it breaks later this summer prices will be higher, and it might take a while to install. Their concluding recommendation will likely be that you get a new unit now.

A third example we hear about quite often is saying the compressor, one of the most commonly misdiagnosed parts, has failed. Too many AC companies that are looking to make a quick buck instead of giving you the best possible Air Conditioning service will tell you that the entire system needs to be replaced when in actuality it is just the outdoor fan or capacitor that needs replacement. can tell you if there’s really anything wrong with your AC or not. All you have to do is look through our reviews to see the many instances in which we have reassured customers that their AC unit only needed minor maintenance or repairs when another company had told them that they needed an entirely new unit. Our goal is to make you our customer for life. We’re confident that when you really do need a new unit, you’ll come to us.

We keep customers for life

At, we pride ourselves on being honest and transparent. We’ll talk you through exactly what’s wrong with your AC and do everything that we can to fix it before recommending that you purchase a new one. All you have to do is scroll through our reviews to see for yourself. We help customers keep their AC units working for longer by making necessary repairs if possible, instead of trying to upsell customers to a new unit like our competitors.

Once we know what’s wrong with your unit, we will give you options in repair costs and comparable component replacement costs so that you can make a fully informed decision. We will discuss with you how long a repair is likely to hold up so that you’ll know whether it is better to go forward with repairs or whether you may want to go ahead and purchase a new unit.

If you are considering a new unit, we will provide multiple quotes with 100% transparency. Most people don’t realize that an installation quote must address all three parts of the air conditioning system – the unit, the ductwork, and the registers – for proper installation, efficient cooling, and low energy bills. We will disclose all of the costs involved in a new unit (even our profits) so that you can feel confident that you’re getting the right option for your home or office.

Remember that your manufacturer’s warranty only covers parts for a period of time. And it doesn’t cover the labor to fix your unit. Plus, you may need to prove that your unit has been regularly serviced to uphold the warranty. These are a few of the reasons why our customers love our Platinum Maintenance Plan; because virtually all repair expenses are covered. You can be sure that any replacement parts that we install are built to last since we offer a lifetime warranty on all replacement parts, provided the system is annually maintained by

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