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Advice from the Expert: Why Does my Heat Pump or Furnace Need a Fall Maintenance Check? We Barely Use Them in Arizona!

Since most Arizonans are transplants from a colder climate, we get this question a lot. Here are three reasons why your heat pump or furnace needs a Fall maintenance check:

  1. It’s dirty. Whether you have a heat pump, which is the same machinery as your outdoor AC unit, or a furnace, which is in your attic or mechanical room, they are exposed to a lot of dust. Outdoor units get hit with Summer monsoon storms. Indoor units accumulate dust, both inside and outside, from their surroundings.

When your heat pump or furnace is dirty it has to work harder, which shortens its life while increasing your energy bills

A dirty blower wheel reduces airflow by 30%, so your heater has to work harder and your energy bills are more expensive. Even worse, you’re breathing in this dirt as it flows through your home or office.
  1. All machines break over time, even if we’re not using them. In heating/air conditioning systems, 97% of all equipment failures start with an electrical issue, which slowly degrades operation and performance over time. But because the process is slow and requires proper equipment to measure performance, you would not notice until it stops working and you’re stuck with an expensive ac repair or even unit replacement.

Electrical issues cause 97% of equipment failures by slowly degrading operation, but without a maintenance check you don’t know there’s a problem

  1. Convenience and peace of mind. Rather than having to deal with the inconvenience and disruption of your heater not working or unexpectedly needing to be replaced this Winter, you can schedule your Fall maintenance check at a time that is convenient for you. Then you’ll have peace of mind knowing that your heater is ready the first chilly night you need it.

It’s easier and less expensive to schedule preventative maintenance than dealing with an unexpected repair or expensive system replacement

I hope this clarifies why Fall maintenance is important. To schedule an appointment click HERE, or call/text us at 480-718-7209.

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Stay cool,

John T. Lamont, Owner

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